If you have a Skills or Profession you can make Money Online.
Any One, really Any One can have an Online Business it is not as hard as it looks. "I'm Serious"
I will give a full solution on how to build your online brand and how to sell it to potential customers
I only work with serious individuals, who are focused and dedicated to shift their life.
If you are not sure then I'm not the one who can help.
Milana Sheina
Founder | Creative and Digital Marketing Specialist
Why You still don't have your Online Business?
- Don't know where to start
- Don't know what to do
- You don't believe it is possible
- You are afraid of judgment and failure

If you want to change your life and be your own Boss
all you need is your will and my Mentorship.

I will teach you how to convert your Instagram into a profitable business and introduce all needed tools for a full business solution.
To have your online business it is not necessary to sell products, selling services and skills is the new way of making money.
Perfect Candidates For Personal Online Businesses are:
Fitness Trainers, Coaches, Fashion Stylists, Designers, Artists, Writers, Nutritionists, Psychologist, Astrologist...
How it Works
We will Develop Business Idea that corresponds to you
We will find an idea that you are passionate about. Your Business should be your hobby that you will grow and develop with passion and excitement.
Develop Brand Image
We will create brand identity that reflects your business idea, position your brand image and brand voice.
Build Website to sell your Products or Services
We will create a website according to your business needs it may be a landing page, presentation website, education platform, or e-commerce website to sell your products.
Promote your Business through Social Media Pages
We will create your business Social Media Pages, Select page theme, visual style, communication style, I will teach you how to communicate with your followers, how to convert them to potential customers and how to promote your business organically and by using paid promotion methods.
Business Idea Development
(Depends on number of sessions)
Brand Image Creation
(Each brand is unique with a different branding process and design items requirements)
Website Creation
(Each website is unique and requests different time frame to be developed based on the required modules)
Social Media Mentorship
(Mentorship program will run as long as you feel you need it, the optimal timeframe is 1-3 month
during which you will learn how to manage your social media pages, create content, deliver brand massage as well as learn different promotion techniques)
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