Too busy to manage your social media channels?
Don't know how to set up a successful strategy for your brand and establish its voice?
You are not sure how to get real followers and activate them?

We help businesses manage and grow their social media pages.
On a daily basis our team of marketers, graphic designers, copywriters and account managers work hard to elevate your business's online presence and unveil new opportunities
Our goal is to achieve results and our approach is personalized.
It is important to understand that in social media there is no one technique that works for all. We can divide our social media strategies into 2 main categories. Each category requires a different approach and a different level of client involvement.

Business Category 1
Account Management by Us

- Medium/Big Businesses
- Corporate Content
- Minimal Daily Client Involvement
( corporate companies, food and beverage, institutions, banks, ministries, ngo's....)
Business Category 2
Account Management by Business Owner with our Mentoring
- Small Businesses and Personal Brands
- Personal Content
- High Daily Client Involvement
(doctors, makeup artist, nutritionist, psychologist, trainers, coaches, artists, stylist....)
Account Management
Package S
  • Facebook/Instagram
  • 8 posts/month
  • 40 stories/month
  • Engagement with Audience (competitions, promotions,...)
  • Content Promotion
  • Monthly Report
Book Package
Package M
  • Facebook/Instagram
  • 12 posts/month
  • 60 stories/month
  • Engagement with Audience (competitions, promotions,...)
  • Content Promotion
  • Targeted Advertising Via Facebook 15 days/month
  • Monthly Report
Book Package
Package L
  • Facebook/Instagram
  • 16 posts/month
  • 80 stories/month
  • Targeted Advertising Via Facebook 15 days/month
  • Content Promotion
  • Targeted Advertising Via Facebook 30 days/month
  • Graphic Design Service for offline use 1 item/month (poster, price-list, guide...)
  • Monthly Report
Book Package
The following Packages are standard. We can manage other social media platforms and customize packages according to your business needs
We are responsible for results
Consultation and Account Mentoring
Individual Consultation
Through a 1-hour audio/video call you will be able to ask us any questions related to the Marketing and/or Design of your Business Social Media Pages.

After the call, you will receive a PDF file with all of the discussed ideas.

Topics of consultation:

- Personal brand creation and development
- Business page development and growth
- Social media marketing strategy
- Promoting on Instagram / Facebook
- Automating Instagram / Facebook Business
- Brand evaluation

Book Mentoring
Social Media Strategy
We provide a complete strategy for your social media channel (Facebook / Instagram /Twitter) to elevate your brand awareness, increase sales and open new business opportunities.

You will have 2 online consultations and a pdf document of 50-70 pages with a detailed strategy on the development and growth of your account.

Strategy Includes:

- Setting marketing goals that align with your business objectives
- Defining topics and theme of your account
- Defining your target audience
- Analyzing and defining the needs of the target audience
- Conducting competitive analysis
- Specifying promotion techniques
- Content plan with posts / stories / broadcasts / IGTV for 4 months in advance
- Selection of measurement matrix
- Definition of sales funnel
- Recommendations for promotion outside of Instagram
- Recommendations for offline promotion
- Recommendations for photography and video shooting

Book Package
Social Media Mentorship
1 month Account Mentoring
We will teach you how to manage your business account like a pro and boost your sales. You will learn how to create content and promote your business without having any design or marketing skills.
We will have 5-7 calls once or twice per week, 1-1.5 hours each where we will cover the following:

Program includes:

- Motivation and coaching workshop
(selecting goals, work on fears and boost confidence)
- Brand identity creation
(creating your visual style, color palate, visual mood-board)
- Social media pages setup
- Content types and content creation
- Content writing
- Content scheduling
- Analyzing competitors
- Selecting audience personas and their Interests
- Content marketing techniques
(free and paid techniques)

Book Mentoring
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